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ITRM Guidelines 91-3, 91-4 and 91-5

A number of individuals have requested clarification on the binding nature of ITRM Guidelines 91-3 (Model Standard for Large Scope Projects), 91-4 (Model Standard for Small Scope Projects) and 91-5 (Model Standard for Maintenance & Enhancement Projects). This document is intended to provide that clarification.

To clarify the applicability of these guidelines to your agency, it is important to understand the context in which they were developed. It is also important to understand the standard meaning to the terms been assigned "Policy", "Standard", and "Guideline".

The ITRM Policy EA 200-00, Enterprise Architecture policy recognizes that the ultimate responsibility for the management, control, development, maintenance, enhancement, and use of information systems rests with the individual state agency and requires that all state agencies adopt written standards for the development, maintenance and enhancement of all information systems not considered to be end-user computing. Guidelines 91-3, 91-4 and 91-5 were developed to assist agencies in developing their corresponding standards. These guidelines are model agency standards.

The terms "Policy", "Standard", and "Guideline" have specific meanings as defined in ITRM Standard Governance Document Development Process Standard (GOV101-01)(PDF) and are listed below:

  • Policies are general statements of direction and purpose designed to promote the coordinated planning, practical acquisition, effective development, and efficient use of information technology resources.
  • Standards are specific--and, where applicable, technical--documents containing directives and specifications governing the management, development, and use of information technology resources.
  • Guidelines include directives and specifications at a level similar to standards, but are advisory in nature and constitute recommendations which are not binding on agencies and institutions of higher education.

ITRM Guidelines 91-3, 91-4 and 91-5, are examples of what an agency standard could look like to addresses the requirements of ITRM Policy EA 200-00. They are not in any way binding on your agency.

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