Transportation data layers include road networks, rail lines, public transit and features data sets like motorist services. VGIN leads production of a seamless statewide road layer, the Virginia Road Centerlines.

Road Centerlines

The Road Centerline (RCL) dataset provides a consistent and seamless statewide digital dataset of all roads in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose for creating this dataset is to support the base mapping needs of state and local government, while achieving a singular, consistent and maintainable base map dataset usable by all entities. The high quality of this product is available for use within a geographic information system (GIS) or a computer aided dispatch (CAD) / 911 system.

The breadth of the dataset includes all public and private roads, driveways over 200 feet in length and vehicular navigable trails greater than 200 feet in length. The road centerlines contain attribution consisting of street names, address ranges and VDOT route numbers. Thanks to a partnership with VDOT, this product helps support geospatial business needs for VDOT within their GIS systems. All other state agencies and local governments will be able to utilize the end product in their GIS systems as well.

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