Administrative Boundary Data Standard

The VGIN Administrative Boundary Geospatial Data Standard implements, as a commonwealth ITRM standard, the data file naming conventions, coordinate systems, geometry, attributes, dataset type and specifications for the Virginia Administrative Boundaries Dataset. The standard shall be applicable to commonwealth agencies and serve as the data source of record at the state level for administrative boundary spatial features within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Administrative Boundaries shall be defined as boundaries that delineate geographic areas for uses such as governance and the general provision of services (e.g. counties, cities, towns), administration and/or for a specific purpose (e.g., Congressional Districts, school districts, fire districts, voting districts, etc.), and/or provision of statistical data (census tracts, census blocks, metropolitan statistical areas, etc.). Boundaries for these various types of geographic areas are defined through documented criteria and guidelines.  

Data Standard

Administrative Boundary Data Standard

Administrative Boundaries Workgroup

VGIN has initiated a Virginia Administrative Boundaries Workgroup to attempt to catalog current efforts at maintaining administrative boundary datasets in the Commonwealth, as well as to investigate next steps the Commonwealth could take to produce current, accurate and improved administrative boundary datasets for GIS use. VGIN started this group as part of its work fulfilling the goals of the VGIN 5 Year Strategic Plan. The first steps for the Workgroup were to initiate teleconferences to discuss the current state of and current processes for administrative boundary dataset development. In the call on July 16, 2013, Zach Robbins from the Commission on Local Government discussed how his organization received updates from Circuit Courts in Virginia regarding administrative boundary changes, and how his group tried to track boundary changes in GIS format. Kevin Holmes from the US Census Bureau discussed the Census process for receiving boundary updates from localities in the Commonwealth as part of the Boundary and Annexation Survey Program.

On August 13, 2013, another call was held with a presentation by Brandon Moore of King-Moore discussing the Southwest Virginia MERG process for harmonization of locality boundaries in that region, and some strawman diagrams of existing processes were presented by VGIN staff. The calls have been well attended by over 44 participants, representing local governments, state agencies, regional groups and authorities, the federal government, and private sector entities.

Administrative Boundaries Workgroup Charter Document

July 16, 2013 Teleconference Presentations 

Census Boundary and Annexation Survey Powerpoint

Commission on Local Government Powerpoint

Post Boundary Change Funding Actions


August 13, 2013 Teleconference Presentations

MERG Program Powerpoint 

Administrative Boundaries Processes PowerPoint


Road Centerline Data Standard

Road Centerline Data Standard