Draft agreement with Verizon to close out the FY2010 billing issues.  This will be presented to the Board at the July 14, 2011 meeting.


Listed below are documents that pertain to the wireless services billing agreement with Verizon for trunking, ALI and selective router costs. 

Original PSAP cost estimate document

Questions posed to the CIO in a July 1, 2010 letter

Information for the PSAP meeting on July 12, 2010

PSAP Wireless Cost Options

  • Cost Options - Tab 1 has a table where you can adjust the percentages of source funding.  Tab 2 shows the actual FY2010 PSAP wireless revenues compared to the billing agreement pricing.

Summary of billing agreements and grant requests

  • Statewide Wireless Cost Summary - Summary of the Verizon and Century Link billing agreement costs and costs from other carriers such as NTelos, TDS and ShenTel

Draft updates to the Verizon E9-1-1 tariff that would now include wireless E9-1-1 

Verizon Tariff that was filed on September 3, 2010

  • Document 1 - Letter to SCC introducing new rate elements to the general customer services tariff.
  • Document 2 - General customer services tariff.
  • Document 3 - Letter to SCC introducing new rate elements to the miscellaneous service arrangements tariff.
  • Document 4 - Miscellaneous service arrangements tariff.

Fully executed and signed billing agreements