VITA partners with the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center to provide a monthly newsletter focusing on raising information security awareness. The newsletter provides security awareness information for everyone to use both at work and at home to protect our information.

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August 2019 - Careers in Cybersecurity: Learn More or Get Involved!

July 2019 - Cleaning Out Your Old Data and Devices

May 2019 - Securing Online Accounts with Multi-factor Authentication

April 2019 - Share Your Information with Care

March 2019 - How to Spot and Avoid Common Scams

February 2019 - How to Stay Safe from Tax Scams

January 2019 - January 28th is National Data Privacy Day

December 2018 - Security and Privacy in the Connected Home

November 2018 - Staying Secure While Shopping Online

October 2018 - National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

September 2018 - Avoiding Many Types of Malware

August 2018 - Want to keep your data? Back it up!

July 2018 - Sun, Sand, and Cybersecurity

June 2018 - How to Spot Phishing Messages Like a Pro

May 2018 - Reducing your Information Footprint

April 2018 - Securing Devices by Making Simple Changes

February 2018 - Spotting and Avoiding Olympic Scams

January 2018 - National Data Privacy Day, Jan. 28