The Duhs of Security" promotes effective security

VITA Commonwealth Security and Communications have produced an Information Security awareness video promoting simple, common sense behavior changes that will strengthen the security of Commonwealth information. The approach is humorous but the message is effective.

Please feel free to share this video with your organization's user population and others to promote Information Security awareness.

If you have a problem viewing the video or with the associated links on this page, please email VITA Commonwealth Security Services.




Cyber Security Education Initiative





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Keylogging Letter

In the event that a citizen's computer is infected with malware and the commonwealth is made aware that the citizen's personal information may have been compromised, commonwealth agencies are encouraged to notify the citizen so that they can take appropriate action. A sample notification letter is provided below.

Sample Keylogging Letter 

Citizens Awareness Banner

Due to the ever increasing threats posed by malware running on citizen computers, it is suggested that agencies utilize the provided banner on all Internet facing citizen and partner applications where authentication is required, or where any personally identifiable information may be exchanged between the agency and your customers. The banner contains the following:

The security of your personal information is important to us!

Diligent efforts are made to ensure the security of Commonwealth of Virginia systems. Before you use this website to conduct business with the commonwealth, please ensure your personal computer is not infected with malicious code that collects your personal information. This code is referred to as a keylogger. The way to protect against this is to maintain current anti-virus and security patches.

For more information on protecting your personal information online, refer to the Citizen's Guide to Online Protection.

Online Protection Glossary