The VITA Innovation Program (VIP) includes the following components:

Research Components

• Identify and verify new trends for the commonwealth
• Understand agencies' business process to research potential technology to meet business needs
• Research the needs of the agencies
• Research whether specific technologies will benefit the commonwealth

Outreach Components

  • Informs agencies of new technology trends
  • Create lunch and learn sessions for agencies on technology trends
  • Develop "train the trainer" sessions regarding existing supplier contracts to facilitate use of new technologies in agencies
  • Develop collaboration opportunities for agencies, universities and suppliers for educational demonstrations and workshops on emerging technologies
  • Create and manage a process framework to develop supplier demonstrations
  • Develop and provide peer mentoring, career and employer development

Collaboration Components

  • Create a work space that invites agencies to share ideas and explore new technology to meet their business needs
  • Develop targeted opportunities for small businesses to demonstrate new technology
  • Host competitions or hackathons for universities to engage with new technology

Facilitation Component of Existing Suppliers

  • Research existing suppliers' innovative services that may meet commonwealth needs
  • Identify areas of interest with the new technology
  • Provide an intake process to gauge interest in innovative ideas
  • Maintain a governance process to monitor successful innovative solutions for existing suppliers
  • Conduct and manage demonstrations of new technology for the commonwealth
  • Develop evaluation standards to determine next steps based on the outcome of the demonstrations
  • Develop a standard onboarding process for agencies and suppliers to develop a VITA Innovation Center of Excellence project

Supplier Management Components

  • Offer suppliers an opportunity to propose and showcase services
  • Identify and research new technology suppliers
  • Research technology and guideline processes through demonstrations
  • Assist existing suppliers in providing services to meet state agencies' needs
  • Track suppliers that have innovations services built into existing contracts
  • Research suppliers that currently do not have contract with VITA to determine if they can provide services
  • Provide research findings to the commonwealth for review and possible action
  • Develop means of a collaborative governance process to evaluate which idea/concept the commonwealth should pursue