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New procurement training videos now available

Date Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2021

VITA procurement has developed three training videos to aid customers in their understanding of the submission requirements and review process for major projects, cloud, and high-risk IT procurements. Each video is approximately eleven minutes in length. The training videos, which cover the topics below, and associated materials are now available on the VITA website:

  • VITA Review Process - Focuses on VITA’s delegated thresholds, the IT governance groups involved in the review process, submission requirements, and process steps for major projects, cloud, and high-risk IT procurements.
  • Cloud Procurements and the Enterprise Cloud Oversight Service (ECOS) Process - Defines cloud-based solutions and lays out the steps in the ECOS process including, the steps to follow for RFPs with cloud-based solutions and how to award a cloud contract with or without an RFP.
  • Performance Measures - Provides insight into drafting clear and distinct performance metrics, enforcement provisions, and remedies, including how they work together to make a strong contract. Also covers examples of compliant and noncompliant performance measures to help our customers when creating their contract performance measures. 

These training videos further VITA’s mission of being a customer focused technology partner by providing exceptional service and resources to support our customers and their business needs.

Learn more and view the videos 

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