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CyberStart game deadline extended!

Date Posted: Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Students can now play to qualify for the national scholarship competition until March 15. Students have an additional week to complete 20% of CyberStart Game and reach semifinalist status!

In recognition of the wonderful recruitment efforts of the CyberStart educators' community in recent weeks, resulting in hundreds of additional registrations to the CyberStart America program, the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation has approved a deadline extension for students to qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship Competition, taking place April 5-7.

Any student who reaches 20% by the end of the new deadline day will be granted semifinalist status in the competition, subject to verification of their eligibility to participate from their nominated school contact.

After the qualification deadline has passed, all participating students in CyberStart America will have access to CyberStart Game for further training until April 4.

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