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CyberStart America 2021 workshop

Date Posted: Friday, January 8, 2021

Sponsored by the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation, a workshop for students and teachers will be held on Jan. 13 at 3:30 p.m. 


$2 million in Cybersecurity Scholarships, Very Cool Hands-On Experiential Learning, and How to Build a Cybersecurity Skillset for College and Career Success

The workshop will answer four questions students often ask about cybersecurity:

1. What do I need to learn to get a good job in cybersecurity?

2. Is there a way to find out if I have the aptitude to do well?

3. Are there scholarships available?

4. Where should I apply to college if I want to maximize my chances of getting a god job?

Plus, a demonstration of the CyberStart Game by the game’s creator, James Lyne. See first-hand how students can discover an aptitude, and passion for cybersecurity. Playing the game they can develop skills to maximize their chances of winning scholarships, and slingshot into this fascinating career defending our future digital borders. Find out how with gamified learning they can make and break codes, find and fix flaws cyber criminals use against businesses every day, and learn about cybersecurity jobs and ethics at the same time. 


The Basics of Cybersecurity That You Can Take Anywhere: More and more jobs use technical skills as our world grows even more digital. Learn skills that make you stand out from the crowd in college applications and job interviews. See a demo of how cryptography, problem analysis and scripting can help you stand out!

Building Up: Accelerate Students Cybersecurity Technical Skills Without a Textbook In Sight: Go from zero technical and security knowledge to a level that will enable you to understand and apply key knowledge and skills, through playing games and challenges! Students find their passion and learn skills playing!  Teachers say they have just as much fun learning along with their students.

Winning Scholarships: The National Cyber Scholarship Program: Eligibility, How To Qualify, What you Win ($2,500 plus the Cyber Foundations Immersion Academy). How even becoming a semi-finalist will set you apart from other applicants – much like a good athlete. Yours students can accelerate their path to an important and impactful career.

Choosing a College That Will Help Launch Your Career: The annually updated list of top colleges where talented cybersecurity students are valued and learn with and from other talented students and where employers know they can find the talent they need.


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