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VITA Innovation Program

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) Innovation Program (VIP) enables the exploration, evaluation and implementation of new technologies as the Commonwealth moves to the next generation of information technology (IT).

VIP goals include:

  • Research new and emerging technologies of potential interest to the commonwealth
  • Coordinate with industry, agencies and institutions
  • Collaborate with the private sector to identify emerging technologies
  • Facilitate supplier demonstrations
  • Valuate viability, applicability and architectural fit and business value of new technologies
  • Maintain agile processes to facilitate rapidly changing technology trends
  • Inform stakeholders through vendor showcases and communities of interest
  • Provide innovation strategy and program management that align with the VITA IT strategic plan

VIP will accomplish these goals by leveraging relationships with suppliers who have existing contracts with VITA and through targeted outreach to suppliers in specific areas of the open market.

VIP includes the following components: Research, Outreach, Collaboration, Facilitation, Supplier Management

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  • Identify and verify new trends for the Commonwealth
  • Understand agencies' business process to research potential technology to meet business needs
  • Research the needs of the agencies
  • Research whether specific technologies will benefit the Commonwealth


  • Informs agencies of new technology trends
  • Create lunch and learn sessions for agencies on technology trends
  • Develop train the trainer sessions regarding existing supplier contracts to facilitate use of new technologies in agencies
  • Develop collaboration opportunities for agencies, universities and suppliers for educational demonstrations and workshops on emerging technologies
  • Create and manage a process framework to develop supplier demonstrations
  • Develop and provide peer mentoring, career and employer development


  • Create a work space that invites agencies to share ideas and explore new technology to meet their business needs
  • Develop targeted opportunities for small businesses to demonstrate new technology
  • Host competitions or hackathons for universities to engage with new technology


  • Research existing suppliers' innovative services that may meet Commonwealth needs
  • Identify areas of interest with the new technology
  • Provide an intake process to gauge interest in innovative ideas
  • Maintain a governance process to monitor successful innovative solutions for existing suppliers
  • Conduct and manage demonstrations of new technology for the Commonwealth
  • Develop evaluation standards to determine next steps based on the outcome of the demonstrations
  • Develop a standard onboarding process for agencies and suppliers to develop a VITA Innovation Center of Excellence project

Supplier Management

  • Offer suppliers an opportunity to propose and showcase services
  • Identify and research new technology suppliers
  • Research technology and guideline processes through demonstrations
  • Assist existing suppliers in providing services to meet state agencies' needs
  • Track suppliers that have innovations services built into existing contracts
  • Research suppliers that currently do not have contract with VITA to determine if they can provide services
  • Provide research findings to the Commonwealth for review and possible action
  • Develop means of a collaborative governance process to evaluate which idea/concept the Commonwealth should pursue

Enrollment Form

VITA Innovation Program (VIP) is interested in technology that enables the following initiatives:

  • Emphasize programs and tools that enable all citizens to interact with government safely and securely, and when, how and where they want to interact.
  • Improve information-sharing and governance to derive quality information from data already collected.
  • Leverage technology to improve worker productivity and make state employment more attractive to the current and future workforce.
  • Support educational attainment initiatives that are key to achieving state economic development and quality of life goals.
  • Expand technology platforms and productivity tools that support Virginia's goal of remaining the best managed state.
  • Support initiatives that will make Virginia the leader in information technology (IT) security and cyber security.
  • Expand and support enterprise and collaborative IT services.

VITA Innovation Program is specifically interested in technologies that relate to COV Strategic Plan for IT.

* Supplier participation in the VITA Innovation Program will not constitute a procurement under the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§2.2-4300 et seq. of the Code of Virginia) nor will any participation result in a contract award for any product or service. Rather, the findings of the program may play a part in the development of VITA's procurement planning.