Small, Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

Small, Women and Minority-Owned BusinessesIt is the policy of the Commonwealth of Virginia to contribute to the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of small businesses and businesses owned by women and minorities and to encourage their participation in state procurement activities.

VITA encourages Small, Women and Minority-Owned Businesses (SWaM) businesses to participate in the state's information technology (IT) procurement activities. This page provides resources intended to assist SWaM businesses interested in participating in Commonwealth IT procurement activities potentially leading to a contract award.

Doing Business with VITA

Before a business can participate in VITA's IT procurement activities as a SWaM certified business, it must:

  1. Obtain certification as a SWaM business from the Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE).
    For information regarding the Commonwealth of Virginia's Small Business and/or Minority and Woman Business Certification Programs, including applications for certification and re-certification, visit the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise website at
  2. Register with eVA as a vendor.
    eVA is Virginia's online procurement initiative. Current and potential suppliers of IT products and services to the Commonwealth of Virginia must register with eVA, at (Instructions for how to register with eVA.)

Once a business has completed the two steps above, it is ready to participate in IT procurement opportunities as a SWaM certified business. For a listing of current solicitations and award notices, please use eVA. (Also see Instructions for how to navigate solicitation and award notices.) All ordering and formalized solicitations are directed through this portal.

Business Development Assistance

For assistance with becoming a SWaM vendor and participating in IT procurement opportunities, choose any of the following online resources:

For more resources regarding owning a business in Virginia, please see the portal's "" resource section.

IRS e-Newsletter for Small Businesses

The IRS has started a news service, e-News for Small Business. Distributed every Wednesday, it brings timely, useful tax information right to your computer, including, but not limited to:

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