11.6 Key steps and milestones of IT procurement planning

11.6.4 Manage and administer contract




Determine the processes by which the contract will be managed and administered including:

  • Contract status reporting requirements.
  • Preliminary, production and/or cutover technical reviews/testing
  • Acceptance process and how inspection and acceptance corresponding to the statement of work's performance criteria will be monitored and enforced.
  • Invoice review process.
  • Product or service deficiency reporting.
  • Contract changes and amendments process.
  • Service level agreements and performance metrics including how such service levels will be monitored, measured, and reported.


Manage product warranties.


Direct change management: administer changes, budget changes, contract modifications, etc.


Resolve contract disputes.


Create realistic and justifiable remedies for non-performance, non-conformance of deliverables and/or unmet service level commitments.

  • A portion of the work may be accepted or all of the work may be rejected.
  • Work may be accepted with provisions for corrections in the future.
  • Ensure that all project requirements are complete.


Terminate/expire contract:

  • Terminate contract for default. Supplier may fail to deliver or fail to make progress.
  • Terminate contract for convenience.

Make sure that the contract file includes all required backup and supporting data according to your agency's and the Freedom of Information Act's requirements.