Workplace Collaboration Services featuring SharePoint 2013

Leverage your organization’s business insight, collaboration and decision-making with Workplace Collaboration Services featuring Microsoft SharePoint 2013 

General Information

Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) offers Workplace Collaboration Services (WCS) featuring Microsoft SharePoint 2013, a Web-based project collaboration system that provides a single integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate, find organizational resources, manage content and workflows, and leverage business insight to make better informed decisions. This service includes disaster recovery (DR) services for the production environment at the tier 6 level.  The service is available to any customer receiving standard COV messaging services through VITA’s IT Infrastructure program. 

WCS provides tools that help employees easily store, share, access and use information to make decisions that enhance business operations. The service provides information on policies, procedures and best practices. Available services include hosting, implementation, training, and maintenance and support of hosted sites. 

WCS improves worker efficiency while reducing IT overhead by providing a standardized and scalable collaboration service for agencies to address the business and productivity needs of Commonwealth of Virginia information workers. The service is intended to: 

  • Provide common standards, policies, procedures and best practices
  • Cut costs with a unified infrastructure that offers enterprise-scale manageability and availability, including backup/restore and disaster recovery
  • Provide a common method and set of techniques for managing information
  • Document well-defined roles and responsibilities for team members
  • Connect people to enhance teamwork and work efficiently to solve changing business needs

The WCS Team provides a unified, centrally-governed approach to the SharePoint environment. The WCS Team works with the Workplace Collaboration Governance (WCG) Group on all matters related to the overall SharePoint environment. The WCG Group is the overriding authority for all architectural, design and development decisions, including all policies and procedures created for the SharePoint environment. The WCG Group includes representatives from the WCS Team, participating agencies and hosting vendor. 

Features and Benefits

Collaboration – Share documents, tasks and calendars easily using blogs, wikis and email integration. Online presence allows real-time communication between team members and provides user status including whether free, busy or offline; improved collaboration lists (Discussions, Issues, Calendars, Announcements, Contacts, Surveys and Links); collaboration site templates such as Wikis, Blogs, Documents and Meetings) which provide out-of-the-box functionality to assist in team’s collaboration more effectively; and integration with Microsoft Office products, including email. 

Portal Sites – Easy to manage site directories, My Sites and portal templates are available to fit the needs of your organization. 

Search – SharePoint 2013 offers an exciting enhanced capability set with the new and improved search experience, including FAST and BING capabilities. 

  • Enterprise Content Sources, people search, and business data search easily locates content
  • Powerful navigation of documents through a new extensible query framework
  • Ability to preview documents and take action via the “Hover Panel”
  • Search using multiple scopes such as everything, people, and conversations
  • Uses “Refiners” with any search, such as keywords, department, job title, etc.
  • Utilizes information based on your historical search behavior

Content Management – Manage data through versioning, check-in/check-out, rich metadata and workflow. 

Business Process and Forms Management – Customize workflows that automate your processes from beginning to end. 

SharePoint is tightly integrated with familiar applications and browsers, so user experiences are friendly and consistent. Built-in workflows simplify the tracking and reporting of everyday business activities so your staff has more time for business critical activities. Using the new “Share” concept user can easily share content with others. Security and permission settings are more easily managed from on page with the new Access Requests and Invitations link, you can control access for everything from entering a site to viewing individual documents. Streamlined content management leverages the use of shared document templates and built-in approval processes to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Data Encryption –

Data encryption is a process in which plain text data is converted into cypher-text so the data cannot be read. Data encryptron is required to comply with many laws, regulations, and industry guidelines that protect sensitive data and consists of two types:

  • Data in transit:  Encrypting data in transit is already commonly applied via secure socket layer (SSL) certificates.
  • Structured data at rest:  Applied via secure socket layer (SSL) certificates.  

All databases are encrypted for all WCS customers and is included in the SharePoint costs.  You do not have to request encryption. All data stored is encrypted.  Agency data is encrypted whether it is sensitive or not. At this time, SharePoint does not meet the compliance requirements in SEC501 for storing sensitive data.  

Services in the offering


The rates apply to WCS featuring SharePoint 2013 offerings. Customers will be billed monthly for services provided. Customers are responsible for all employees within their agency who utilize this service. 

For more information about pricing, see the current VITA rate schedules or product detail page.