Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 Tier Pricing

Price: See Description

Unit of Measure: Per Concurrent User

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Michael Melton (Interim)


Data Conferencing on a per named host user basis that allows the named host plus 14 additional attendees to participate (total of 15 attendees).  VITA Meeting Center Web conferencing lets you host virtually any business meeting via the Internet. It's easy, interactive and highly effective. With nothing more than a browser, VITA Meeting Center transforms your computer into a powerful online meeting forum that integrates the Web and a conference call allowing you to communicate with anyone, anywhere - no travel required.

Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier I (5 - 24 named hosts)           103.81
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier II (25 to 49 named hosts)            84.08
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier III (50 to 199 named hosts)            69.64
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier IV (200 to 499 named hosts)            48.62
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier V (500 to 999 named hosts)            35.47
Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 - Tier VI (1000+ named hosts)            27.60

Use VITA meeting center forAdditional product information:

  • Product Demonstrations: Conduct a real-time software demonstration to show your product in action
  • Document Review Meetings: Review and make instant edits to contracts, budget spreadsheets, marketing materials, or website changes with team members
  • Project Updates: Create a collaborative meeting environment for sharing and developing new ideas amongst your project team

Pricing reflects the cost for the # concurrent users (set by the Tier).

Meeting Center Data Conferencing: Overage charges may apply.

Additional per-minute charges apply based on the Meeting Center Conferencing Usage Rate.


Subscription to Meeting Center Data Conferencing or Meeting Center Data Conferencing: NH15 Tier.

For information on managing your account including add-on conferencing services and related items visit: Voice and Video Reservationless Conferencing.

For additional product information and Comparison by Tier visit: Voice & Video Overview.

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Note: Only telecommunications coordinators may place orders for conferencing services.

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