Audio Conferencing: Transcription Service - 3 Business Hrs

Price: $180.10

Unit of Measure: Per 15-min Increment

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: One-Time

Service Lead: Michael Melton (Interim)


Hour turnarounds are available on Operator Assisted and Event Conferencing Only, and require 48 hours notice.

A written record, delivered either electronically or in hard copy, of what was said during an Audio Conference. Transcription will be delivered within 3 business hours of the end of the Audio Conference.

Cost is per 15 minute increment.

For information on managing your account including add-on conferencing services and related items visit: Voice and Video Reservationless Conferencing.

For additional product information and Comparison by Tier visit: Voice & Video Overview.


How to Order

Note: Only telecommunications coordinators may place orders for conferencing services.

To receive per-minute conferencing services, you must submit two forms: TSR and Per-Minute Account Order Form. Both forms can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

Need help?

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