When an agency writes a Telecommunications Service Request (TSR) for an ISDN change or install, a set sheet should be submitted with the TSR. Choose the appropriate form below for the telephone set you are using. Questions you have while filling out the set sheet can be answered by any of the representatives in the Telecommunications Customer Service Section at 804-416-6984.

Configuration Groups

For Custom ISDN, a configuration group is a template built in the central office switch that defines ISDN features and call appearances on specific buttons of customer provided equipment (CPE). Since there are many types of CPE, there are multiple configuration groups. Many customers may use the same configuration group, rather than building one for each individual customer. Configuration groups are specific to each central office.

You can find configuration groups noted on set sheets that have been faxed to you by TCS after a recent order was processed. Check the features and their locations to see if they could be used for your new application. If you need help in finding an existing configuration group that meets your needs or you need to know the configuration group of an existing line, call a TCS representative.

VITA Telecommunications planners should have examples of commonly used configuration groups. As an example, below is how configuration group COV 126 out of the Grace Street Central Office is set up:

  • Button 26 - Exclusion
  • Button 27 - Auto Call Back
  • Button 28 - Call Forwarding Variable
  • Button 29 - Intercom 1
  • Button 30 - Call Pick Up

For National ISDN, there are no set configuration groups. The features are key mapped onto the buttons.


Ordering ISDN Service

General Instructions

  1. If ISDN is not currently available, contact VITA to ensure the site is qualified for ISDN. If necessary, VITA will contact the vendor to have a Loop Qualification done.
  2. Determine the type and quantity of telephone sets you will be using.
  3. Order sets, and the following equipment, if needed; ancillary equipment, standalone NT1's, stand alone Power Supply, NT1 multi-mount racks, NT1's and bulk power supply. These items are to be ordered directly from the equipment vendor. The Department of General Services has the contracts applicable to these items.
  4. Please indicate if you have purchased the equipment including installation. This is vital if Bell Atlantic is to perform the installation. If the equipment was purchased without installation, Time and Material charges will apply if done by the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). The LEC should provide you with a completed NT1 Rack Spreadsheet.
  5. Submit your Telecommunications Service Request (TSR) to VITA with the appropriate set sheets attached. Make certain the agency/activity codes are correct. The TSR should include the names of the vendor's representative and the VITA planner, if any, that have assisted on the project.
  6. The requested Due Date should follow the normal interval that has been established with the vendor. The Interval Schedule follows this section. If an earlier date is requested, the TSR should indicate that the requested due date has been negotiated with the vendor. If the order is for a large cutover, indicate whether you require a "before" or "after" normal business hours appointment.
  7. The vendor will provide finalized set sheets to VITA. VITA will forward these to the customer. Please review these upon receipt and make certain the set sheets accurately reflect what you expect and need. If there are any questions or changes, contact your VITA Customer Service Representative immediately. The vendor will work the order based on the set sheets. If they are not corrected promptly, the completed job will not meet your expectations and a second request may have to be processed to bring the installation into compliance with your requirements.

Know the Vendor Intervals

Vendor Intervals
LinesWorking Days Required
1-6 7
7-12 12
13-18 15
19-24 18
25+ to be negotiated

Avoid expedite charges or increased time & material charges.