Security Incident Management: Limited Service

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Price: No Cost

Unit of Measure: Usage Based

Pricing Type: No Charge

Billing Cycle: N/A

Service Lead: Bob Baskette


The limited service offering is available to agencies and local governments that are not in-scope to VITA's infrastructure. VITA's commonwealth security and risk management (CSRM) incident management team investigates incidents, analyzes findings, and provides advice and guidance on how to remediate the situation. The team does not go to a site to assist with remediation efforts.

The team provides incident management services to state agencies, localities and institutions of higher education.

There are two options with this service:

  1. Security incident management full service - Available to executive branch agencies
  2. Security incident management limited service - Available to non-executive branch agencies, local governments and higher education

How to Order

The Security Incident Management Service is available free of charge to state agencies, localities and higher education. 

Contact information for the customer's Information Security Office (ISO) should be sent to to get signed up. This will also put the ISO on the contact list for the ISOAG mailings (meeting notes, security notices, etc).    

For more information or to request service, please contact: 
Bob Baskette
Commonwealth Security and Risk Management 
Virginia Information Technologies Agency 
(804) 416-6038

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