Network Attached Printer - Category 2

Price: $115.51

Unit of Measure: Per Unit

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Vernard Brown


This is the normal Executive Branch agency standard service offering. It includes one network printer and its supporting services including full hardware warranty and Service Desk support for the term of the agreement as listed in Addendum 5 to Appendix 5.

For a list of available Category 2 Network Attached Printers click here.


How to Order

Use the VCCC Service Request for: Copier, printer, desktop, laptop, tablet, or handheld-related Installations, Moves, Adds or Changes (IMACs) for a single machine up to and including 15 machines. A Service Request "Q" Ticket will be assigned. Email: Phone: 1-866-637-8482.

Use eVA for: Copier, printer, desktop, laptop, and tablet orders of a single machine up to and including 15 machines. Visit: for more information.

Use Standard/Custom Work Request for: efforts that require purchasing or IMACs of 16 or more machines. These efforts are handled more like projects - VITA manages these as Work Requests that require collaborative discussion, solutioning, and special pricing. The machines will eventually be purchased through eVA, but as a task performed by VITA. Forms can be found in the Form Library.

Resource Unit charges applies to unscheduled, project IMACs not associated with transformation or refresh and unscheduled software or patch distributions to large groups of machines. IMACs of greater than 15 systems at the same time will be treated as a priced project that will not exceed the cost calculated using the Resource Unit Rate times the number of IMACs involved. IMACs may not be separated into smaller groups in an attempt to avoid project designation.

Need help?

Send VITA Onestop an email: to collaborate or handle your order.