Enterprise VPN 2-Factor Authentication Service (One-Time)

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Price: $133.76

Unit of Measure: Per Unit

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: One-Time

Service Lead: David Williams David.Williams@vita.virginia.gov


This VPN offering provides a user full port access to the Enterprise network using two factor authentication. Cost is for the purchase of a four year fob and service. Must be repurchased at the end of the term.

Additional product information:

Assessed for each issuance of a key fob. Fee assessed for initial issuance, refresh, or replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged key fob. This RU includes hardware, software and support required for Two-Factor authentication.

NOTE: This service is for individual users only. Use the ""Site to Site VPN Tunnel"" service if the customer desires to use a public network, such as the Internet, to provide a secure connection among sites on the agency’s network or to connect the agency’s intranet to an extranet to reach third parties.

How to Order

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