Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS) - Wi-Fi Enabled

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Price: $487.11

Unit of Measure: Per Unit

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: David Williams David.Williams@vita.virginia.gov


Enterprise Remote Connectivity Service (ERCS). ERCS allows Customers to utilize secure tunnels across the internet to connect to the Commonwealth network. This technology offering allows the use of common broadband internet services as a means to achieve private Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity.

This service implements Dynamic Multi-point Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) technology and creates dynamic IPSEC tunnels making this service highly scalable. Wi-Fi service can be requested and implemented as a single non-mobile Access Point (AP) embedded in the router.

This product is part of a bundle that includes the following components:

Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS) - Installation
This product is the "nonrecurring" implementation fees to cover labor and setup costs.

Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS)
This item is monthly recurring ECRS rate per router.

Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS) - Wi-Fi Enabled
This item is the additional recurring monthly fee for each Wi-Fi Enabled ECRS router.

Enterprise Remote Connection Service (ERCS) - De-Installation - One-Time
This product is the "nonrecurring" implementation fees to cover labor and de-installation costs.


How to Order

Please review all terms, conditions, and pricing in the Standard Work Request form for this service, found in the Form Library.

The following conditions must be met for this request to be used:

  1. Customer currently must be receiving services under the CIA.
  2. This request is not part of incident resolution (i.e.: to resolve and close an incident ticket).
  3. This request is not being processed through the VCCC (Q-ticket).
  4. The project information section is complete and the form is signed.
  5. Customer must order internet service (i.e. Broadband, DSL, Cable, or wireless) from local provider.
  6. A DSL bridge or cable modem that is provided by the DSL/Cable provider as part of their service must provide for an Ethernet connection to the router supplied by the Vendor.
  7. All user traffic must traverse encrypted tunnels (IPSEC) to the Commonwealth Enterprise Service Center (CESC) or other ERCS sites. No direct access to the internet (split tunneling) is not allowed.
  8. All traffic destined for the internet will flow through the Internet Secure Gateway (ISG) at CESC providing central firewall and web filtering protections.
  9. Form can only be used for one site. Requests for ERCS service at multiple sites or as a redundant connection to an existing site must be submitted as a Custom Work Request. Project management labor may apply.
  10. This form may not be used to address the relocation of ERCS service.

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