Mailbox Archiving Service - Hosted Mail

Price: $5.68

Unit of Measure: Per End User

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Usage-Based

Service Lead: Jamey Stone


Hosted Mail Archiving (HMA) Services allows Customers to order HMA service which is an enterprise-wide solution that will allow for any Customer receiving standard Messaging Services through COV Enterprise email to archive all inbound and outbound emails. This solution includes storage for all mail archives for the period determined by the Customer’s retention policies.

Additional product options with this service:

Consider also deploying our Archiving Service - Instant Message (IM). Microsoft Lync is the default Instant Messaging (IM) tool that is part of Microsoft Outlook. The tool is currently used by Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) users. This feature enables the archiving of instant messages in Lync. This is an optional feature for agencies who have requested IM.  

How to Order

Order via Work Request. Requirements forms for standard and custom work requests can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

Please review all terms, conditions, and pricing in the Standard Work Request form for this service.

The following conditions must be met for this form to be used.
  1. Must be an Eligible Customer currently receiving Services under the CIA.
  2. This request is not part of incident resolution (ie: to resolve and close an incident ticket).
  3. This request is not being processed through the VCCC (Q-ticket).
  4. The Project Information Section is complete and the form is signed.
  5. This request is completed by the Vendor in collaboration with the Eligible Customer. 
  6. The Customer must have completed Messaging Transformation.
  7. End-Users are subscribed to Vendor’s Messaging Services and are on the COV domain.
  8. This request is only applicable for new messages starting with the day of service initiation.
  9. There is no requirement for data migration as part of this request. If a data migration is required, a custom Work Request must be submitted.

Need help?

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