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Price: $14.82

Unit of Measure: Per Instance

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Jamey Stone


VITA's centrally hosted e-mail service allows your organization to avoid administrative overhead, to control costs and to achieve consistently high service quality. VITA administrators manage the service continuously to ensure dependability, encrypted access, maintenance-free back-up and disaster recovery in the event of emergency outage. There is no requirement for a local server. Use of a shared platform and a global address book improves employee communication and coordination through calendaring and tasking in the enterprise.

Additional product information

E-mail has become a mission critical application for government organizations that depend upon electronic messaging to operate their business. E-mail systems require an investment in hardware, software and on-going technical support to provide a reliable, secure and efficient service.


  • Resources for hardware, software, administration and technical support for in-house system may be reallocated to core business activities
  • State of the art system defenses are maintained to protect e-mail from attacks including worms, viruses and spam; central e-mail system monitored for malicious activity around the clock
  • Offsite backup protection ensures continuity of operations
  • No need for new hardware; service works with most Web browsers
  • Help desk support and password reset available to users 24 X 7 through VITA Customer Care Center
  • Shared global address book and calendars facilitate communication and collaboration among employees of other agencies on the central e-mail system
  • Shared Blackberry service can be easily added for mobile user

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