Service Lead: Jamey Stone

The Messaging Service Offering includes everything related to email and mailboxes, plus handheld services, COV network access and DNS services. 

Services within the offering:
Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) Account Center
Self-service management of accounts, security groups, distribution lists. 

Email Data Loss Prevention (EDLP)
Email Data Loss Prevention (EDLP) provides the ability to perform content level scanning of email messages and attachments to detect regulated information such as credit card/social security numbers, personal data, financial or health information. EDLP detects sensitive information based on configured filters maintained and updated by Messaging personnel. 

Enterprise Handheld Services
Access Outlook on your Android, iPhone, or iPad device. Enterprise Handheld Services provides the capability of accessing specific resources within the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) including email, calendar, contacts and Intranets within the COV environment. Now featuring AirWatch software. 

External Authentication Directory Service (EADS)
External authentication directory service (EADS) is a self-service method for users outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) network to create and manage accounts and request application access.

Fax from Mailbox Service
RightFax -- send and receive fax's from an email mailbox 

Forefront Identity Manager/VITA Identity Manager
Forefront Identity Manager/VITA Identity Manager service provides application authentication for non-full service customers. 

Hosted Mail Archiving(HMA)
Hosted Mail Archiving service is an enterprise-wide solution that will allow for any customer receiving standard Messaging Services through COV Enterprise email to archive all inbound and outbound emails. This solution includes storage for all mail archives for the period determined by the customer's retention policies.

Instant Message(IM) Archiving
With IM Archiving, agencies can retain and archive instant messages for later access as needed.Microsoft Lync is the default Instant Messaging (IM) tool that is part of Microsoft Outlook.  The tool is currently used by Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) users.  This feature enables the archiving of instant messages in Lync.  This is an optional feature for agencies who have requested instant messaging.

Messaging Mailbox (Exchange 2010)
Messaging mailbox service (Exchange 2010) for sending and receiving email, including contact list, calendaring, task list and notes.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Service 
Securely control access for agency applications on the network by including an additional layer of authentication by adding a one time password as an additional security layer.

Office Communications Server
Office Communications Server provides Instant Messaging service for desktop and mobile computing. 

PKI Encryption
PKI Encryption service gives users the ability to send encrypted email to internal and external mailboxes. 

Secure Email Service
Secure email communications detects and allows the encryption of messages containing specific data. 

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