Storage DASD

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Price: $3.55

Unit of Measure: Per GB

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Arthur Midgette


Storage Services are available as a custom work request. Storage Services are those necessary to support applications and their use of data volumes. The Storage environment can consist of Direct Access Storage media (DASD), Wide Area Network Storage and Storage Area Networks (SAN). The services include support of the hardware, operating systems, and tools necessary to operate a continuous environment. Standard hardware, enterprise software, and tools will be deployed. The tools will be deployed to provide automation and reporting. These services offer periodic backup archiving and the ability to consolidate data from multiple company locations. Storage Services design and implementation has a large impact on today’s distributed systems disaster recovery. If a storage system is designed with multiple locations, redundancy, and real-time snapshots in mind, the resulting environment can totally replace the need for tape backups. All prices listed as "recurring" are monthly recurring rates.

Additional Fees: Work requests may also include "nonrecurring" implementation fees to cover labor and setup costs.

DASD is (Direct Attached Storage) internal or external located at CESC/SWESC or customer site:

  • Performance determined by attachment type, SCSI, SAS, Internal Disk etc.
  • Redundancy not always possible, typically not shared with other systems
  • No remote automation or limited
  • Provisioning changes require downtime and manual effort DASD is billed by actual amount, i.e. 4GB drive equals 4GB, and is backed up via the standard backup process

How to Order

Order via Work Request. Requirements forms for standard and custom work requests can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

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