External Authentication Domain Service (EADS) - Application Setup

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The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is offering a new service that will allow users internally and externally of the COV domain to have access to applications that require active directory access that is outside of the COV domain and areas of the COV networking infrastructure.  The commonwealth benefit from employees will increase productivity and foster domain security.

The Authentication active directory will support applications that need Active Directory authentication for external users. The Authentication Active Directory will contain accounts for both internal and external users. The domain will enable userPrincipalName authentication for applications supporting userPrincipalName authentication. The Organizational Unit structure for the Authentication domain is based on multiple security levels applied to users. Based on application security requirements, users will be placed in the highest security level required for applications.

The current naming convention for the Authentication Active Directory Domain is Auth.COV.Virginia.gov. This new domain name service offers several layers such as Enterprise Production, Domain Controllers, Application Servers, Administrative Accounts, and Service Accounts. With these various layers application security will be at the highest of standards and compliance. Security policy is applied at the organization unit and domain level. The Authentication Active directory will implement a security policy based on the standard Windows 2008 Security Guide and standard SEC 501 policies, with the exception of account policies for external users. A separate policy is applied based on Global Group Membership.

See Product Detail page for External Authentication Domain Service (EADS) - End-User under Messaging for more information and how to order.

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