Enterprise Application Publishing Service (EAPS) - License (existing)

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Price: $306.30

Unit of Measure: Per Instance

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: One-Time

Service Lead: Arthur Midgette Arthur.Midgette@vita.virginia.gov


The Enterprise Application Publishing Service (EAPS) service enables customers to utilize a shared Citrix infrastructure in order to take advantage of the most current version of Citrix Software. This product is used to present a virtual desktop or application to a user, regardless of their location.

The EAPS service offering will consist of licenses per subscribed users based on the customer's requirements. Additionally, added features may be available as well, based on custom requests.

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To start an EAPS instance, a custom work request form will need to be filled out for this service. In their requirements, agencies should request, at a minimum, name and version of applications to publish and the number of initial users. Further requirements might be necessary to determine any specific agency needs. For further guidance, please contact your CAM.

For more information see Enterprise Application Publishing Service FAQs (pdf).

How to Order

Order via Work Request. Requirements forms for standard and custom work requests can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

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