AIX Logical Partition (LPAR)

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Price: $927.94

Unit of Measure: Per Server

Pricing Type: Fixed

Billing Cycle: Monthly

Service Lead: Arthur Midgette


This service is a standard work request for Eligible Customes to request the AIX Logical Partition (LPARs) Service. This work request allows Customers to order up to eight AIX LPARs. The details expressed in the Project Information section of the associated Standard Work Request form will be used by the Vendor to fulfill the request.

Cost basis is per installation then monthly (not to exceed).

Click here if you are interested in AIX Disaster Recovery support.


The following conditions must be met for Standard Work Request form to be used:

  1. Customer currently must be receiving services under the CIA.
  2. This request is not part of incident resolution (i.e.: to resolve and close an incident ticket).
  3. This request is not being processed through the VCCC (Q-ticket).
  4. This request is only for additional AIX LPAR; not for replacement or refresh or migration of existing AIX LPARS.
  5. This request is limited to the provisioning of up to eight new AIX LPARs to be located at the CESC.
  6. This request is for AIX Enterprise Edition version 7.1 or higher Operating System (OS).

How to Order

Order via Work Request. Requirements forms for standard and custom work requests can be found in the Service Catalog Form Library.

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