Revision date 9/6/2017
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Telco Work OrdereVA
Server and Storage Services
New Server (Virtual at CESC)


New Server (Virtual at non-CESC location) Standard1      
New Server (Physical) Custom      
Increase Physical Server Memory (RAM) Custom      
Modify SAN Data Storage (CESC) Standard1      
Modify SAN Data Storage (non-CESC) Standard1      
Backup Modifications(opt-in / opt-out) Custom      
Storage Authorization for Clone (CESC/SWESC only) Custom      
Agency File Restores   X    
Server Decommissioning   X    
Load SQL D/B, Oracle, SharePoint Server (existing HW) Custom      
Rebuild / Reimage Server OS Custom      
Upgrade SQL or Server OS   X-note 2    
Upgrade "Agency Specific" Server Applications Custom      
Network Services  
COVANet Network Circuit     X  
MPLS Network Circuit     X  
MPLS Bandwidth Modification     X  
MPLS Network Circuit Custom Analysis Custom       
Secure Wireless LAN (new - building) Custom      
Secure Wireless LAN (new - single room) Standard1      
Secure Wireless LAN (replacement) Custom      
Add/Remove network ports (1 - 25)   X    
Add/Remove network ports (26+) Custom      
Managed Firewall Standard1      
Managed Router Custom      
Site to Site VPN Standard1      
Connection of 3rd Party postage machine Standard1      
Connection of 3rd Party Network Device (excluding printer, MFD, copier) Custom      
Enterprise Remote Connectivity Services (ERCS) - New Standard1      
Enterprise Remote Connectivity Services (ERCS) - Relocation Custom      
Voice Services  
UCaaS - New Site / New System Custom      
UCaaS - Additional Phone Request     X  
Non-UCaaS Phone System - New Site or Replacement Custom      
Legacy Phone System Upgrade Request      
Legacy Phone Systems Request (additional phone)       X
Legacy VoIP Minor Modifications (changing line appearances; call pickup groups; hunt groups)     X  
Phone Line / FAX (analog)     X  
Cell Phone including Blackberry     X  
Personal Computing Services  
PC Install, Move, Add, Change/Remove IMAC (1-15 Users)   X3    
PC Install, Move, Add, Change/Remove IMAC (16 +) Custom3      
Order New PCs (1-15)       X
Order New PCs (15 +) Custom      
Order PC Peripherals / Incrementals       X
Application Software (Purchase)       X
Additional Memory for PC's (1-15)        
Additional Memory for PC's (16+)   Custom      
Agency PC Application Software (Packaging, Installation, Modification) Standard1      
New Printer (Network Attached)       X
Connection of 3rd Party copier, MFD, printer to Network (1-15 users) Standard1      
Connection of 3rd Party copier, MFD, printer to Network (16+ users) Custom      
Security Services  
Managed Web Proxy (Enterprise Bluecoat and modifications to standard policy)   X    
Agency Specific Web Proxy Custom      
End User Remote Access (RSA Tokens Only)       X
Logical Security Architecture & Engineering Custom      
Messaging Services  
Office Communicator   X    
Enterprise Handheld Service Airwatch or Blackberry      
Resource Mailbox   X    
Rightfax Services    X      

Hosted Mail Archive Service (New) 

Hosted Mail Archive Service (discontinue service)        
Hosted Mail Archive PST Ingestion   Custom       
Collaboration Services 
SharePoint Services (new and modifications to existing)   Standard1      
Sharepoint Training  Standard1      
Office/Equipment Moves, New Offices, and Office Closures  
Moving pc's and/or data ports with VITA supported spaces (between rooms/floors within the same building or to another building at the same physical address). Excludes phone, server, and network printer relocation.   X    
All other moves (see voice services section for phone relocation guidance)   Custom       
New Office, Temporary Office, or Office Closure   Custom       


1 See conditions in standard form found in Service Catalog Form Library. If the conditions cannot be met, submit a custom work request. 

2 Dependency that existing platform can support the upgrade version; and/or hardware compatible to the requested upgrade version. Versions will remain the same (enterprise-enterprise; standard-standard). Maintaining one current or current version of SQL or server OS version. 

3 Desktop/Laptop PC (monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking station ) counts as 1 IMAC unit;additional monitors also count as one IMAC unit. See Office/Equipment Moves Section for details regarding moves.