Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

​VITA has established a suite of services, the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN), to help agencies and other public bodies with use of digital photography of the Virginia terrain needed in various programs and applications.

General Information​

The Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) acquires statewide aerial photography on a four year cycle for Virginia. VBMP imagery was acquired in 2002, 2006/2007, 2009, and 2011. The orthophotography program was established to promote effective and economically efficient development and sharing of spatial resources across the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth of Virginia also sought to establish a consistent foundation or base map resource upon which local government spatial data, applications and GIS could be consistently developed and maintained. Virginia is now committed to sustaining this program through regular updates of the photography. The program is funded through a combination of sources including the Virginia Wireless E-911 Board, state agencies and revenue from sale of the data.

"Any determination of topography or contours, or any depiction of physical improvements, property lines or boundaries is for general information only and shall not be used for the design, modification, or construction of improvements to real property or for flood plain determination." Subsection C of § 54.1-402


Available statewide base mapping data is available in the form of free data web services based upon ESRI's ArcGIS Server v10 or higher technology or the purchase of individual copies of orthophotography.

The statewide contract for base mapping services is available to any entities within the Commonwealth. These services include orthophotography acquisition and processing and orthophotography related data development services.

Services in the Offering

Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Services which includes the following options:

  • Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Aerial Photography Acquisition
  • Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Aerial Photography Web Services
  • Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Geocoding Web Service
  • Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP) Road Center Line (RCL)


Any private, public or governmental entity can utilize these services.


VGIN's geospatial contracting service provide consistent sourcing contracts for GIS data development versus separate efforts that may be uncoordinated and lack commonly used standards. The statewide GIS data sets offer commonly used and current data that is standardized, comprehensive and derived from authoritative sources such as local government and 9-1-1 data. Duplicative spending on data creation is minimized or avoided through this coordinated approach.

Typical business benefits and cost savings

Access to the free statewide base mapping services can potentially avoid duplicative spending in the range of millions of dollars. Having common base mapping data available can allow projects to focus on solving business needs rather than spending time and effort on supporting data development.

Additional benefits

  • Statewide consistency in GIS base mapping data utilization
  • Use of authoritative data sources
  • Consistency in data specifications and standards for new GIS data development
  • Single statewide contract available that avoids overhead to manage new Requests for Proposals.
  • Cost avoidance through the use of free statewide GIS data and services:
    • Storage costs in the hundreds of gigabytes avoided through the use of VGIN hosted web services
    • Server software costs avoided through the use of VGIN hosted web services
    • HW/SW management overhead avoided through the use of VGIN hosted web services
    • Data maintenance overhead avoided for common base mapping data sets. 


Knowledge of GIS tools is required to utilize the GIS data services. Minimal data access trouble shooting assistance can be provided by VGIN staff.

Ordering the services

Access to the statewide VBMP orthophotography contract can be done through Wendy Stout at  Information on connecting to the GIS data web services can be found at VGIN's web page

The "go to" person for this offering

For more information or to place an order, please contact:
Steve Marzolf
Service Lead
Virginia Information Technologies Agency
11751 Meadowville Lane
Chester, VA 23836
(804) 416-6198

Customers may also contact their VITA customer account manager (CAM).