eGov Portal Services

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Price: TBD

Unit of Measure: Per Scope of Service

Pricing Type: Estimate

Billing Cycle: N/A

Service Lead: Raymond Waters


The is the official portal website for the Commonwealth of Virginia. VITA's Marcella Williamson is the portal business owner. Agencies that need to add or remove a link from or discuss other website changes should submit requests to

These services are available to purchase WEBSITE/PORTAL DEVELOPMENT

This contract can be utilized by public bodies to purchase website/portal development, installation, data migration, and website/portal redesign services utilizing Sitecore Content Management Products and Support.

For additional product information and programs visit: eGov Services Overview.

How to Order

Users purchasing through this contract should work with the supplier to determine the specific project scope, to be formalized in a Statement of Work.

Customers may contact their VITA CAM or email at any time during this process for clarification or assistance with any questions or issues.

Need help?

Send VITA Onestop an email: to collaborate or handle your order.