eGov Hosting Services

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Price: TBD

Unit of Measure: Per Scope of Service

Pricing Type: Estimate

Billing Cycle: N/A

Service Lead: Mike Shaffer


VITA retains responsibility for infrastructure governance and is reviewing all hosting requirements and requests for alternatives to the infrastructure provided by the VITA infrastructure services.

Statewide contracts for eGov hosting services have been awarded to three suppliers to provide agencies with additional choices in scalable hosting solutions for web and non-web-based applications and data. There are no restrictions or limitations for non-executive branch agencies or other public entities. Use of these contracts by executive branch agencies is subject to VITA governance policies detailed herein; for those agencies, hosting under this contract includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Development and test environments
  • Small, business specific applications not otherwise available
  • Unique business need not suitable to CESC (e.g., resource-intensive research)
  • Large, static storage (e.g., GIS)
  • Non-sensitive data
  • Non business critical function

Agencies and other public bodies may request assistance from VITA in evaluating their eGov needs and determining when and how to use the new statewide hosting contracts. Please contact your VITA customer account manager and/or service lead for more information.

The three new hosting suppliers and the VITA statewide contract numbers are:

Contract Number Data Center Tier Supplier Supplier Contact
VA-120416-STVN Tier I and Tier II SiteVision

Patrick Maddox

(540) 294-0942

VA-120416-CYDA Tier II and Tier III Cyberdata Technologies

VITA Hotline: (804) 980-5636

Office: (703) 481-0888 ext. 203

VA-120416-AISN Tier III and Tier IV American Internet Services (AIS)

Jay M. Atkinson

Office: (703) 304-1523

For additional product information and programs visit: eGov Services Overview

How to Order

Evaluation and Ordering Steps

(Note: Steps 3-7 below may proceed simultaneously)

  1. Customer identifies need for eGov hosting service
  2. Customer contacts supplier (s) to request proposal based on agency needs
  3. Customer receives quote/proposal from supplier
  4. Customer obtains VITA Web Hosting Request form available at Service Catalog Form Library.
  5. Customer completes VITA Hosting Request form, with the supplier, along with a Network Diagram, and submits the quote/proposal to
  6. VITA Hosting Governance group reviews and decisions within 10 business days
  7. Customers agency and supplier work together to create an official Statement of Work complete with deliverables, timing and cost
  8. Customer creates "R" coded eVA requisition, to agreed supplier, including statewide contract number and request form number
  9. eVA requisition automatically goes to VITA Hosting Governance group for approval (pro-forma)
  10. After approval, eVA requisition goes back to customer buyer and follows customer approval steps
  11. Customer processes eVA purchase order to supplier
  12. Annually, customer resubmits the VITA Web Hosting Request form to validate that the standard COV security and SEC 501 requirements are being maintained

Customers may contact their VITA CAM or email at any time during this process for clarification or assistance with any questions or issues.

Need help?

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