Service Lead: Raymond Waters

VITA's eGov services offering includes the eGov service advisor offering assistance in selection of suppliers for hosting of web applications and operations and maintenance for existing web applications. The eGov Service Advisor also helps direct inquiries about portal services.

VITA has awarded contracts to multiple suppliers for the commonwealth's electronic government (eGov) services after a competitive procurement process. eGov contracts are for Web services, including the state website (, hosting, and operations and maintenance. 

The following awards were made:

  • Hosting - Site Vision, American Internet Services (AIS) and Cyberdata Technologies
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for Web applications - Cyberdata Technologies and Broad Point Technologies

All Virginia public bodies, including state agencies, universities, school systems and localities, can use the eGov contracts.

The new approach using multiple suppliers provides enhanced value to the state, greater transparency, broader participation by multiple suppliers and cost-effective access to best-of-class technology services.

Services in the offering:

Applications Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services: New web development can be done using the VITA IT Contingent Labor contract with CAI.

For more information on how to participate in the O&M program please see the eGov O&M Request Process Summary and Steps.

eGov Service Advisor: VITA offers assistance in determining the next steps for eGov services and how to use the new statewide contracts to select appropriate suppliers. Ray Waters, VITA, is the lead for the eGov project. Questions or concerns may be addressed to him at or In addition, state agencies may discuss their particular concerns with their VITA customer account managers.

Web Hosting Services: eGov hosting services statewide contracts have been awarded to three suppliers to provide agencies with additional choices in scalable hosting solutions for web and non-web-based applications and data. 

VITA retains responsibility for infrastructure governance and is reviewing all hosting requirements and requests for alternatives to the infrastructure provided by the VITA infrastructure services. The service lead for web hosting services at VITA is Ray Waters. He may be contacted at

Hosting Process Summary & Steps

Web Portal Services:  VITA's Marcella Williamson is the portal business owner. Agencies that need to add or remove a link from or discuss other website changes should submit requests at

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