5/22/2018 - New Service: Workplace Collaboration Services (WCS) featuring Microsoft SharePoint Online, a web-based collaboration system that provides a single integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate, find organizational resources, manage content and workflows, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions. This service will be available for ordering, June 1st.

For more information please visit: Workplace Collaboration Services

03/26/18 - New Service: Messaging Services provide agencies with everything related to email and mailboxes. It includes handheld services, instant messaging, COV network access and Domain Name Services (DNS).

Messaging services includes the following services:
Messaging Mailbox-Email, Virtru Email Encryption, Google Vault, Enterprise Handheld Service (Google MDM), ESNA Fax to Email, ESNA Voicemail to Email, Hosted Mail Archiving (Veritas), Instant Messaging (Google Hangouts), Airwatch MAM/Secure Browser.

For more information please visit: Messaging Services

10/25/2017 - New Service: Application integration services (AIS) provide agencies with secure hosting and integration services for their applications. The AIS team at VITA will work in close collaboration with your agency to understand requirements and develop solutions comprising of one or more AIS service(s) that best meet agency needs.  All the AIS services are in full compliance with COV security standards and best practices.  The services include support from a team of subject matter experts and enhanced application monitoring.

For more information please visit: Application Integration Services

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