Transformation Overview

The Commonwealth of Virginia engaged Northrop Grumman to transform state government's IT infrastructure technology and provide the expertise and resources to support improved delivery of services. Oversight is provided by VITA. Believed to be the first and the largest of its kind in the nation at the time, the program has achieved most of its goals and is delivering agile and secure 21st century technologies.

Transformation projects include desktop refreshes with compatible platforms and scheduled replacement; network and server modernization and consolidation; enhancement of information security; common messaging and help desk services. Please find below more information about each of the different technology services and also, tools available to help agency users adapt to the new technology.

Desktop Refresh

The desktop refresh transformation upgrades all agency computers to the latest a hardware, reduces age-related PC failures and establishes consistent PC standards that are easier to service and update. Personal computers (laptops, desktops and tablets) are replaced every four to five years to ensure that equipment is always up-to-date and performing at its best. Laptop options are equipped with built-in wireless technology to support mobile work stations and teleworking.

Messaging (Email Systems)

The messaging transformation creates one enterprise Messaging system and Active Directory for all executive agencies in the Commonwealth in an effort to increase security, improve inter-agency communication, and to reduce e-mail outages. Messaging includes email, calendars, encryption, address lists, share point, and instant messaging services.

Voice (Audio and Data Systems)

The Voice transformation offers a variety of voice and data services, including standard telephone service, cell phones, Blackberries and conferencing capabilities. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones reduce long-distance charges and offer a host of increased features and functions to better meet agency business needs.

VITA Service Desk

The VITA Service Desk transformation provides online and phone support for all IT infrastructure services to ensure that customers get the help they need, when they need it. Customers also will have access to online eSupport to submit and check the status of service requests and resolve minor technical problems such as resetting passwords on their own. This service will become 24x7 as the ITP matures and all agencies are transformed.


The security transformation establishes consistent and standard security services that are monitored and managed from the enterprise security operations and computer security incident response centers to ensure that critical information is protected. Additionally, security software for e-mail, servers and desktops is regularly updated and monitored to prevent viruses, attacks and data breaches, and secure login procedures and firewalls are standard.