VGIN logo Geospatial (GIS) Services provides Geospatial Data Catalogue service for (1) public access service and (2) state/local government data documentation service.

(1) Public: Open one-stop Internet access to a catalogue of all state agency geospatial data layers. Documentation includes information on the data's spatial extent, scale, format, content, currency and accessibility.

(2) State agencies and local governments: Secure user-friendly access to Internet data documentation tool and clearinghouse services.

Virginia Geospatial Catalogue offers the following key features and benefits:

  • Open, 24-7, one-stop access to specifications on geospatial data created and maintained by Virginia state agencies and links to other federal and regional clearinghouses.

  • Secure Internet access to metadata for state agencies to update changes in data resources

  • Technical and administrative support for state agencies and local governments.

  • Documentation of available data for emergencies (homeland security)

Learn more about Geospatial (GIS) Services, the Integrated Services Program (ISP), and the VGIN Board in our ISP Section.

How to order

Contact Dan Widner at 804-416-6198 or mailto: dan.widner@vita.virginia.govor visit the ISP Section.