E-911 Services


e911 logo The Public Safety Communications Division, part of VITA's Integrated Service Program, provides Enhanced 9-1-1 (also called E-911) and radio engineering support services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. These services include technical and funding assistance, system design and end user support. Funding is provided through the Division's role as staff support to the Wireless E-911 Service Board. The Board approves millions of dollars in grant funding to localities each year that are disbursed by VITA. Localities must apply for these grants and the application must show a benefit to E-911 call processing, but regional VITA staff is available to assist any locality wishing to make a grant request.

E-911 Services offer the following key features and benefits:

  • Technical, consultative assistance to all localities through seven regional field offices

  • Review of grant funding requests from localities

  • Liaison between the localities and the Wireless E-9ll Service Board

  • Quality assurance of the application process

  • Coordination of funds from the wireless providers and distribution of funds


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