The below guidance is provided to assist the customer with determining which type of network connectivity service best suits their needs.

  • MPLS - multi-protocol label switching
  • ERCS - enterprise remote connection service
  • SRAP - secure remote access point




SRAP (in development)


Network connectivity provided via transitional circuit

Network connectivity provided via broadband

Similar technology to ERCS; cost effective option to ERCS for a small office that requires connectivity.

Bandwidth options

Size options range from 56kbps to 150mbps

Limited to 15mbps


Intended use

Primary network connectivity for all executive branch agencies

Intended for back-up to MPLS, not replacement of MPLS. Also for sites not transformed to MPLS or not currently using MPLS

Intended for small offices (less than 8 users)


Yes, at SWESC

Yes, at SWESC

None; no secondary or redundant connections

Wireless functionality

Secured wireless available but must be ordered separately

Secured wireless available but must be specified at the time of order

Built into the device; no additional access points allowed


SEC501 compliant; 7x24 monitoring

SEC501 compliant; 7x24 monitoring (except cellular)

SEC501 compliant; no vulnerability monitoring


Only service that supports UCaaS phone service

Cannot replace MPLS (this includes office relocations). Requires broadband/cellular availability. Limited network address translation (NAT)

Cannot replace MPLS (this includes office relocations). Requires broadband/cellular availability. Self-install by the site. Does not support managed firewalls. No failover at CESC. No network address translation (NAT)

Term commitment


12 months


Performance concerns


Limited SLA's on broadband services. Subject to extended outages. Subject to cellular data throttling

Limited SLA's. No EUS on-site support. Subject to extended outages

Ticket severity rating

Varies depending on issue

Varies depending on issue

All incidents are rated as P3

Ordering availability

Currently available to order

Currently available to order

Not available; service in development

Ordering process

Telecommunications Service Request (TSR)

Standard work request (WR) (Custom WR if unique requirements)

When service is available, order via the work request process


For additional information and costs for these services, visit VITA's service catalog at VITA Service Catalog.