This page has been deactivated. The Work Request Management application is no longer active. Items formerly ordered as standard or custom work requests should now be ordered in the VITA Service Catalog -- see How to Order VITA Services.

1. How do I get access to the work request database?

Send a message to and let us know what access level is needed. Your AITR should be copied for approval.

2. If I need help choosing the correct work request form or in filling out a form, who should I contact?

Email the VITA OneStop mailbox ( and a member of the Customer Solutions and Support area will provide guidance on form selection.

3. When can I expect my eVA orders for computer equipment to be delivered?

Orders for laptops, desktops and associated equipment such as docking stations, generally take two to three weeks to process; however, they can take as long as six to eight weeks depending on the volume of orders with the vendor. If you think your order should have been delivered but has not, contact the VITA OneStop mailbox box to ask for a status.

4. Where do I go to find out how to order a service?

Go to the online services ordering guide found at Services Ordering Guide. If you need additional help, please contact the VITA OneStop mailbox.

5. Where can I get a copy of the "Blue Card?" 

This is officially called the services ordering guide and is now kept online at Services Ordering Guide.

6. Where can I find current versions of all work request forms (standard forms and requirements)?

These can be found at the service catalog form library located at Service Catalog - Form Library.

7. What is the difference between a work request and a service request?

The work request process is used by eligible customers to order IT services not handled through other ordering processes such as eVA or the telecommunications service request (TSR) ordering process. A work request will typically result in a change to services provided to the customer and the associated costs related to those services.

A service request can be entered through the VCCC and makes a change to a service that will not result in additional costs.

8. How can I request a new service that VITA is not currently offering?

A request provided to the VITA OneStop mailbox for a service not already offered will be reviewed and considered through the VITA service portfolio and life cycle management process. Provide your contact information in the event VITA needs information from you to clarify requirements.

9. What alternatives do I have for obtaining printers and copiers?

Printers and copiers can be obtained through the VITA services (Catalog Services) or through the VITA managed print contracts (browse contracts). If obtained through VITA, service maintenance problems can be reported to the VCCC. If obtained through the managed print contracts, agencies must contact the specific vendor for repairs. Printer and copiers are ordered via eVA.

10. How do I notify VITA that I have concerns with my VITA monthly bill?

Customers should use the comprehensive services credit request form (Credit Request Form) to file a dispute related to any online bill (inventory, work request, pass-thru, miscellaneous, etc.). Billing discrepancies related to the telecommunications or mainframe invoices should be emailed directly to

11. How do I find out who my Customer Account Manager (CAM) is?

You can locate the name and contact information for your CAM, business relationship manager and other primary contacts for your agency CAMs and Other VITA Contacts.