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New Statewide Contract for Cloud Hosted Emergency Planning Management Solution

This is to announce that a VITA statewide contract has been awarded to Previstar Inc. for a cloud hosted Emergency Planning Management Solution. Click here for more details.

Update on Procuring Awareity Security Training

As of June 11, 2017, Awareity’s contract which provides Security Role Base and Security Awareness Training Software though SaaS will expire.

VITA is aware of the importance of this contract and the valuable tools that can be acquired from the supplier. Therefore, VITA has introduced Awareity to SHI and SHI will be able to offer all of Awareity’s training options through SHI’s desktop productivity contract VA-140401-SHI.

For quotes or questions regarding the offerings, please email SHI at

O&M SOWs now available under the ITCL program

As of today, June 1, state agencies and public bodies of the commonwealth will be able to enter into a statement of work for operations and maintenance (O&M) support services for an IT system, associated applications, software or programs through the IT contingent labor (ITCL) contract with Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI).

To utilize the O&M SOW, customers will be required to outline the specific operations support services in a statement of requirements (SOR) to reflect the recurring work activities, expected service levels, deliverables and reporting requirements. Subcontractors in the CAI supplier network prequalified to bid on applications development and IT infrastructure labor can compete for O&M SOW contracts. 

VITA’s contract with Computer Aid has been in place since 2013. It supports state agencies and other public bodies in the commonwealth by providing a simple and consistent process to obtain contract resources for IT staff augmentation and consulting services. The contract, which was developed following state procurement guidelines, can be used by all state agencies and public bodies. Using the contract reduces the amount of staff time and costs required to conduct procurements and takes advantage of market rates.

The SOW user guide and statement of requirements template can be found at the ITCL program home page: VITA > IT Contingent Labor.

For additional information on use of the O&M SOW service, email VITA’s ITCL program manager at

Learn more by visiting the O&M SOW FAQs

New Radio Contracts

VITA has awarded 13 new two-way radio contracts that provide a wide variety of brands and accessories. For further information, please visit VITA's contract page.

E-Rate Customers: Regarding state contract VA-040801-VERV with Verizon for local services which expires on Sept. 30:

VITA is currently working with Verizon to negotiate a replacement state contract that will offer local voice and data services comparable to the current services offered under the expiring state contract with Verizon.

Pricing continuity: Centrex Analog and Centrex ISDN BRI (WMEA, Verizon Virginia), CentraNet Analog/Digital and CentraNet BRI (Vz South), ISDN PRI services shall have the pricing outlined in Attachment 4 of contract VA-040801-VERV until June 30, 2018.

It is also VITA's intent to file the appropriate Form 470 filing for this state contract to assist E-Rate customers with their filing efforts.

Questions can be emailed to the VITA Supply Chain Management team at

Year End Purchases for Fiscal 2017

VITA has provided a letter from our CIO outlining dates for procurements, PGR's Enterprise cloud oversight and other items for year-end purchasing. Click here for the full letter.

Providing training for contractors – what’s the best approach?

As a supervisor of a contract resource, when considering the need to provide training, managers should comply with the Procuring and Managing IT Contingent Labor Resources Policy.

The policy specifies the following related to contractor training:“Only agency specific or Authorized User-specific training shall be provided to any contingent worker or resource. This requirement includes that no training shall be provided or required except for unique agency or Authorized User requirements as necessary to perform the specific work requested. Agencies and Authorized Users shall provide instruction related to agency specific procedures and agency specific policies that are necessary and essential for the engaged resource to perform work. Training for skills and competencies needed for the resource are the responsibility of the contractor and contractor’s firm to provide and see that such responsibilities are met.”

There is a cost for contractor training for both class registration and the hourly bill rate paid by the state when a contractor is in class. Supervisors are encouraged to use discretion and consider:

  • Contractors are not employees of the commonwealth
  • The need for training for the contractor to perform the job for which they were engaged
  • Hourly cost for the contract resource to attend training
  • The expected ROI (return on investment) or value the commonwealth will receive as a result of the contractor receiving the training

If a supervisor determines that the requested training is desired but not required, clarify to the contractor that if you approve them to take the training, the registration cost and hours in training may not be charged to the commonwealth. For questions related to the state’s IT Contingent Labor Program, contact Sonia Hicks at

IRS Publication 1075

When Federal Tax Information (FTI) is shared or accessed all agencies must include IRS Publication 1075, Exhibit 7 language, in their contracts. IRS Publication 1075, Federal Tax Information (FTI) is defined as: "FTI is a term of art and consists of federal tax returns and return information (and information derived from it) that is in the agency's possession or control which is covered by the confidentiality protections of the for Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and subject to the IRC 6103(p)(4) safeguarding requirements including IRS oversight. FTI is categorized as Sensitive but Unclassified information and may contain personally identifiable information (PII)."

Therefore, agencies and their suppliers (prime and subcontractors), who share or have access to FTI data, at rest or in motion, must include IRS Publication 1075 Exhibit 7 language, in their contracts. Please share this information with all affected parties at your agency.

To ensure compliance with IRS Publication 1075's mandatory requirements, the following have been updated by VITA:

VITA Minimum Contractual Requirements for "Major" Technology Projects and Delegated Procurements 

• Added a new link titled Mandatory Internal Revenue Service Publication 1075 (required for FTI data only) 

The full text of IRS Publication 1075 can be found here.

Supplier information session for manager security services

View meeting presentation

View meeting video

ATTENTION: All public bodies issuing information technology solicitations on or after July 1, 2016

The VPPA, §2.2-4302.2, was modified effective July 1, 2016, as follows: "In the case of a proposal for information technology, as defined in §2.2-2006, a public body shall not require an offeror to state in a proposal any exception to any liability provisions contained in the Request for Proposal. Negotiations shall then be conducted with each of the offerors so selected. The offeror shall state any exception to any liability provisions contained in the Request for Proposal in writing at the beginning of negotiations, and such exceptions shall be considered during negotiation."

To address this change VITA is incorporating the following standard language in our RFP instructions to suppliers regarding proposed contract changes:

"Provide your comments regarding any exceptions in the form of margin notes or redline the document with your suggested language where required, excluding exceptions or recommended language revisions to any liability provisions. If Supplier is selected to go forward into negotiations and takes exception to any liability language, Supplier shall state any exceptions to any liability provisions contained in the Request for Proposal and the contractual terms in writing at the beginning of such negotiations, submitted via email to the designated (name or acronym of public body) SPOC. Such Supplier provided exceptions or recommended language revisions shall be considered during negotiations."

Your organization may want to consider using this language or modifying to meet your needs to comply with this change.

Multisourcing Service Integration and Server and Storage Services Information Session 

View meeting presentation

View meeting video

Learn more about the Comprehensive Infrastructure Agreement

New Broadband Contracts

VITA has awarded 18 new contracts for broadband services, click here for more information.

Wireless Contract News

VITA has revised the AT&T International Rate Plans to lower the cost of International Business Travel. Customers on older International Rate Plans will need to submit a TSR to move to the newer plans. Customers can elect to remain on the old plans.

The iPhone 6s phones are now available from all of the contract carriers along with a variety of other new handset choices.

New IT Job Category added to state's IT Contingent Labor Contract

The state's IT Contingent Labor contract with Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) was recently modified to add two new job descriptions for staff augmentation resources with IT Procurement expertise.  This enhancement was implemented in response to customer requests and the growing demand for assistance with managing complex IT procurement projects.

The new job titles, "IT Sourcing Consultant 2" and IT Sourcing Consultant 3" define the ability to lead an IT procurement team and processes which include development of solicitation documents, proposal evaluation and execution of the agreed upon negotiations strategy. It is expected these resources should be adept in managing IT specific business risks, engaging and working closely with customers to deliver the desired contractual outcomes within the requirements and timelines provided.

Click here to view the Staff Augmentation Job Titles and Descriptions and Rate Cards: IT Contingent Labor

PGR changes do not impact procurement delegation - see link 

CIO Approval for Cooperative Procurements 

Reminder: Agencies and institutions can not conduct cooperative procurements for IT goods and services without having such procurements approved by the Commonwealth CIO as required by §2.2-4304 of the Code of Virginia.  Agencies and institutions cannot establish IT contracts for use by other public bodies without prior CIO approval.  In addition, only VITA may establish IT contracts for statewide use.

Price Shopping for Cellular Services

Looking at ways to stretch your wireless budget?  Check out VITA's current comparison of all contracted carriers.  The chart provides details on pay as you go plans, individual plans, pool (shared minutes), voice and data and mobile data.

Click here for the comparison chart

What is Supply Chain Management?

VITA's Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the Commonwealth of Virginia's Information Technology (IT) procurement and sourcing hub. If we were to overly simplify our mission, we would say we strive to consolidate and leverage the Commonwealth's buying power. And, if provided for in the solicitation or contract, all public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA.    

SCM's procurement professionals are committed to developing value-driven IT contracts that enable users of these contracts to benefit their organizations and the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our services include:

  • Consolidating and leveraging the Commonwealth's buying power;
  • Announcing, awarding, and maintaining statewide contracts for the purchase of information technology and telecommunications goods and services;
  • Providing sourcing expertise and contracting assistance for state agencies and institutions procuring IT and telecommunications goods and services; and
  • Providing market analysis, supplier analysis and sourcing consulting for state agencies and institutions;
  • Inviting, promoting, and sustaining increased access, participation, and partnerships with small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

Who can use our contracts?

All public bodies can utilize statewide contracts developed by VITA, if provided for in the solicitation or contract.

What are the benefits of using VITA IT contracts?

There are some very obvious advantages of using the VITA IT contracts.

  • Your organization is able to get the best value for your purchases. And, as more and more organizations utilize these contracts, we are able to aggregate more and more demand. The result is we will be able to continually develop contracts with vendors that bring more value for you.
  • Not having to bid your items will save valuable time and effort. All you have to do is order from the 300 IT and telecommunication contracts that are available for you.
  • Use our database to research thousands of vendors if you are looking for something that is not on contract.

External Links

  • eVA- Virginia's Total e-Procurement Solution
  • DSBSD- Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity
  • NIGP- National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
  • VAGP- Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing

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