In August 2011, the Secretary of Health and Human Resources (HHR), William A. Hazel, Jr., M.D., and the former Secretary of Technology, James D. Duffey, Jr., formed the Secretarial Committee on Data Sharing (SCDS). The SCDS consisted of representatives from HHR and other Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) agencies, including the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Department of Education (DOE), Auditor of Public Accounts (APA), Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and Office of the Attorney General (OAG). The SCDS mission centered on identifying opportunities and constraints for an enterprise data-sharing agreement and recommending action steps needed to establish such an agreement for participating agencies.

Committee Recommendations

Recommendation 1: Issue an executive-level directive to COV agencies to establish a trust-agreement framework in support of enterprise data sharing.

Recommendation 2: Form a governance committee of executive staff, data owners, data stewards, business leads, technical leads, legal staff, security staff and other representatives from COV agencies to develop, implement and maintain a trust-agreement framework for the Commonwealth.

Recommendation 3: Identify applicable legal, regulatory and policy constraints impacting data sharing and orient the trust-agreement framework to comply with applicable requirements.

Recommendation 4: Identify legal requirements for informed consent and authorization and design the trust-agreement framework to comply with these requirements.

Recommendation 5: Develop policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to govern the operations, onboarding, maintenance, breach resolution and certification processes associated with the implementation of the trust-agreement framework.

Committee Report and Reference Documentation

The SCDS Committee Report provides a high-level analysis of the committee recommendations. For each recommendation, the report offers an overview of the SCDS findings and references support documentation associated with the findings. The report also builds upon highlights from best practices, case study experience and current implementations of enterprise data sharing at the Federal, State and local level.