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E-911 Services Board 

Location (Directions):
11751 Meadowville Lane
Chester, VA 23836
(804) 416-6201
Toll Free (866) 482-3911
Fax (804) 416-6353

Coordinator: Dorothy Spears-Dean, Richmond

Board Administrative Assistant: 
Ms. Terry D. Mayo
(804) 416-6197 - Voice
(866) 482-3911 - Toll Free
(804) 416-6353 - Fax

Code Reference: § 56-484.13 

Purpose, Powers and Duties:The Board shall plan, promote and offer assistance:

1. In the statewide development, deployment, and maintenance of enhanced wireless emergency telecommunications services and technologies; and

2. In the development and deployment of enhanced wireline emergency telecommunications services and technologies only in specific local jurisdictions that were not wireline E-911 capable by July 1, 2000.

Composition:The Board shall consist of 15 members as follows: the Director of the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, who shall serve as chairman of the Board; the Comptroller, who shall serve as the treasurer of the Board; the Chief Information Officer; and the following 12 members to be appointed by the Governor: one member representing the Virginia State Police, one member representing a local exchange carrier providing E-911 service in Virginia, two members representing wireless service providers authorized to do business in Virginia, three county, city or town PSAP directors or managers representing diverse regions of Virginia, one Virginia sheriff, one chief of police, one fire chief, one emergency medical services manager, and one finance officer of a county, city, or town.

All members appointed by the Governor shall serve five-year terms. The CIO and the Comptroller shall serve terms coincident with their terms of office. No gubernatorial appointee shall serve more than two consecutive terms.