VGIN Geospatial Services

The Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) offers a variety of geospatial products and services to state agencies, local governments, non-profits, education and the private sector.

VGIN 2010-2015 GIS Strategic Plan

The 2010-2015 GIS Strategic Plan came out of extensive work with stakeholders and will guide VGIN in the next 5 years.

GISData.Virginia.GovProducts and Services

Geospatial Products and Services include the statewide metadata and data clearinghouse portal, GISData.Virginia.Gov, base mapping from the Virginia Base Mapping Program such as aerial photography, road centerlines and other base map data, hosted web mapping services and applications, and geospatial needs assessment and project management services.

Projects and Programs

Geospatial Projects and Programs include the Virginia Base Mapping Program, which oversees the development of consistent Commonwealth wide base map layers for use by state and local government. Examples include aerial photography for the Commonwealth and road centerlines.

Events and Activities

Geospatial Events and Activities include VGIN's work with local governments and state agencies, its metadata outreach activities, GIS Day, and user and community of interest (CoIN) groups.

VBMP Orthophotography sample imageAbout VGIN

About VGIN includes information about VGIN's core functions, the VGIN Advisory Board, members of the VGIN staff, and a database of state and local GIS contacts.