Important Dates

  • Wednesday, Nov. 29 - FEMA Flood Risk Products Webinar
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5 - Regional Advisory Council Conference Call
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6 - NG9-1-1 Deployment Plan Webinar: Session One
  • Thursday, Dec. 7 - PSAP Grant Committee Meeting
  • Wednesday, Dec. 13 - NG9-1-1 Originating Service Provider Summit
  • Tuesday, Dec. 19 - Regional Advisory Council Conference Call
  • Wednesday, Dec. 20- NG9-1-1 Deployment Plan Webinar: Session Two

The Integrated Services Program (ISP) is the consolidation of VITA's public safety communications and geographic information system (GIS) services into a single, integrated program. It is organized in three service units, the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) Division; the Public Safety Communications (PSC) Division; and ISP Regional Outreach Program. The PSC Division supports local 9-1-1 programs through funding and technical assistance and provides staff support to the 9-1-1 Services Board. The VGIN Division supports local and state agency GIS programs through technical and data assistance and provides staff support to the VGIN Advisory Board. Both divisions utilize a common outreach effort through the ISP Regional Outreach Program, improving the efficiency of the program since many efforts impact both services. Together, the ISP divisions are prepared to help any local 9-1-1 or GIS program and state agencies GIS programs to provide their services to the citizens of Virginia better, faster or cheaper. 

News and Events

The Underutilization of GIS and How To Cure It

October 30, 2017

VITA ISP staff, in collaboration with Esri, will host a statewide GIS training event during the month of December. The training, provided by Esri will occur in four different locations throughout the commonwealth and is provided to our localities free of charge. Now that GIS is a location intelligence platform, the underutilization of it is critical and career-limiting. This presentation will provide strategies on how to spread the understanding and full value of GIS across your organization. Registration is open from Nov. 1 - Dec. 1. Tickets are required. For more information, please contact your regional coordinator.

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April Network News

April 3, 2017

CIO Nelson Moe kicks off the April edition of Network news by discussing GIS and Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1. Also included in this issue are updates from VITA's customer solutions and support team, an opportunity to attend Tempus Nova Day and an overview of the IT contingent labor O&M statements of work.

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2017 ISP regional outreach meetings

March 9, 2017

VITA's Integrated Service Program (ISP) staff have announced the schedule of the ISP regional outreach meetings. There will be two main focuses for this round of regional meetings, Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) and changes to the PSAP Grant Program. The meetings will be held the week of March 20-23. All PSAP managers and GIS managers are encouraged to attend.

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NENA Standard for NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model webinar

February 10, 2017

VITA's Integrated Services Program will host a webinar on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and 2 p.m. This webinar will provide an overview of the DRAFT National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standard for Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 GIS Data Model document. Guidance will be provided on how to provide comments to NENA as well as how this standard aligns with other related data standards for GIS and NG9-1-1. The webinar will be presented by Brian Crumpler, VITA ISP Regional Coordinator.

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Virginia Base Mapping Program

February 6, 2017

On Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 2 p.m., VITA's Integrated Services Program (ISP) will host a webinar on the Virginia Base Mapping Program (VBMP). The session will provide an overview of the VBMP with a focus on the Fugro Access viewer tool. The viewer tool will allow the imagery customers to see when they were flown, have a preliminary look at the raw imagery and after processing, allow them to participate in the quality control (QC) process. The webinar will include a demonstration of how to use the tool.

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