August 2007 Network News

August 1, 2007

Volume 2, Number 8

From the CIO

Lem Stewart

The majority of VITA and Northrop Grumman staff members now have moved to the new Commonwealth Enterprise Solutions Center (CESC) in Chesterfield County. This is a significant milestone for the IT Infrastructure Partnership with Northrop Grumman. The opening of this new Tier III data center is the first outwardly visible sign of our efforts and it will improve information security, enhance networks and servers, and provide numerous other benefits to agencies in-scope to the partnership. Many people have moved, but we still have the task of moving the data center/servers and the staff members who support those over the coming months. When the move of equipment begins, technical teams will work with your agencies to perform testing on servers and networks to ensure that your systems are working. Your continued assistance in this massive effort to transform our IT infrastructure is greatly appreciated.

Our new address: 

11751 Meadowville Lane
Chester, VA 23836-6315

Contact information
Name Title Phone Number
Lem Stewart CIO (804) 416-6004 (office)
Fred Duball, Director Service Management Organization (804) 416-6025 (office)
(804) 283-6479 (cell)
Jim Roberts, Director Finance and Administration (804) 416-6008 (office)
(804) 641-6180 (cell)
Debbie Secor, Director Customer Account Management (804) 343-9049 (office)
(804) 652-5705 (cell)
Jerry Simonoff, Director IT Investments and Enterprise Solutions (804) 416-6016 (office)
(804) 840-9265 (cell)
Peggy Ward Chief Information Security and Internal Audit Officer (804) 416-6014 (office)
(804) 840-5071 (Blackberry)
(804) 349-4429 (cell)
Marcella Williamson Executive Director, ITIB, And Director of Communications (804) 416-6002 (office)
(804) 683-2140 (cell)
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RTIP approved

The Recommended Technology Investment Projects (RTIP) Report has been approved by the Information Technology Investment Board and will be submitted to Governor Tim Kaine and the General Assembly as required by Sept. 1. However, since agencies' strategic plans are not due until fall and agencies may not have fully determined their IT investment, the ITIB will provide an updated project list following the October ITIB meeting. This will synchronize the report and agency strategic planning and budget preparation.

Read about RTIP.

Revised IT Security policy available

The ITIB last month approved the revised Commonwealth IT Security Policy and related standard as well as the new standard "Use of Non-Commonwealth Assets to Telework." These now apply to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, independent agencies and institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth.

Click here to read the policy and standards 

VITA-Northrop Grumman continue infrastructure work

Network refresh

The process of connecting agencies to the new network began June 30 with a successful pilot at eight Department of Juvenile Justice sites. Then in July, the Department of Rehabilitative Services, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) headquarters were migrated from their existing networks to the new enterprise network. In upcoming weeks, roughly 230 ABC stores will begin the refresh process. Once on the new network, agencies can connect to the new data centers. That will allow for enhanced security, consolidated Internet connections, proactive monitoring, and improved ability to adapt to technology demands and growth.

Server consolidation

The early stages of server consolidation began with approximately 200 servers at the Richmond Plaza Building consolidated to eight blade servers that will reside at the CESC. The team added 30 new servers to the same blade pool in support of new requirements and future consolidation activities. Consolidation allows for enhanced monitoring and maintenance, and simplifies physical moves.


Implementation of Peregrine continues. Peregrine is standardized software used to report, log, track and escalate incidents and hardware and software service requests. It allows help desk support at all agencies the option to use the same system, allowing for quicker problem resolution, consistent customer service and incident tracking. Peregrine implementation has been completed at 11 agencies, while 14 are awaiting stakeholder signoff. Teams are implementing Peregrine at Department of Aviation, Department of Aging, Department of Fire Programs, Department of Health and Gunston Hall. Third quarter rollout is targeting more than 12,942 additional supported users and 20 additional agencies.

Click here for details on Peregrine 

Desktop refresh

Desktop refresh

As of July 15, 6,058 desktops, laptops and tablets have been refreshed, 210 more than the 5,848 that were scheduled at that point. With each refresh, agencies can expect to have an increased ability to track IT assets, software and hardware. Desktops have been refreshed at nine agencies. Refresh begins in August at the Department of Accounts; Housing and Community Development; Labor and Industry; Rehabilitative Services; Mines, Minerals and Energy; Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services; and State Board of Elections.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

ITIL is a key element of the IT infrastructure transformation. It is designed to integrate IT support services so that support is uniform across the enterprise and the time to identify system problems and implement changes is greatly reduced. Effective use of ITIL will help support staff to increase productivity and service quality for their customers.

ITIL is being deployed in phases. Phase I involves the implementation of three IT infrastructure management plans: change management, configuration management and release management. Phase I begins at pilot agencies this month. Within Phase I there are two stages. Stage 1 addresses IT infrastructure changes made by partnership staff. Stage 2 then will include hardware, software or configuration changes made by executive agencies. When changes are proposed they will have to be reviewed by an ITIL Change Advisory Board, which will review the change request to ensure impacts to the transformation environment are minimized.

Phase I, Stage 2 of ITIL will be piloted at a few agencies and VITA-Northrop Grumman will develop lessons learned based on experiences. The lessons will be incorporated into the implementation plans before proceeding to additional agencies.

IT Auditors' conference to feature security

The National State Auditors Association's (NSAA) annual IT workshop and conference is being held in Richmond in September. Those interested in information security are welcome to join auditors at the conference. The agenda features data capture and analysis in support of performance audits, auditing large and complex IT projects, information security, computer forensics, keyloggers, COBIT, cryptography and much more. The workshop will focus on auditing firewalls.

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ISOAG meeting slated

The Information Security Officers Advisory Group will meet from 9 a.m.-noon on Wednesday, Aug. 8, at the CESC. Keynote presentations will be made by the Virginia State Police Computer Evidence Recovery Unit and High Technology Crimes Unit. Also on the agenda are the IT threat management guidelines, malware, infrastructure standards documentation and transformed architecture.

To reserve your seat, send an e-mail to CommonwealthSecurity@VITA.Virginia.Gov. If you wish to participate via telephone bridge, please put the work "Telephone" in the subject line and instructions will be sent to you the morning of the meeting.

The Library of Virginia will host the Sept. 13 meeting from 9 a.m. to noon. Additional information will be provided on the agenda and reserving a space for the meeting.

ITIB chair, vice chair re-elected

James F. McGuirk II was re-elected chair and Hiram R. Johnson was re-elected vice chair of the ITIB at this month's meeting. They will serve two-year terms.

James F. McGuirk II

McGuirk is one of the original members of the ITIB, serving since 2003. He has extensive IT experience. Most recently, he started AKLM Consulting. His company's focus is market research, positioning and strategy, and partner alliance programs in the government technology marketplace. Prior to starting AKLM, McGuirk was Vice President of worldwide government for Siebel Systems Inc. where he was responsible for developing the company's market positioning and sales in the government sector. He previously was with Unisys Corp., retiring as senior vice president after 31 years of service.

Hiram R. Johnson

Johnson, also appointed in 2003, serves as Chair of the ITIB's Legislative Affairs Committee. He retired from Dominion Resources as general manager of external affairs in 2000 after serving the company for 18 years. He joined Dominion Resources as director of data process planning and served in several leadership positions, including manager of data processing, systems development and support, corporate and plant security, nuclear materials, community and governmental affairs, and general manager of external affairs. Prior to joining Dominion Resources, Johnson served 20 years in state government leadership positions in Transportation, Public Safety and Computer Services.