Expanding security knowledge

2019 COV Information Security Conference presentations

Thursday, April 11 - Day One (Subject to change)

9:00AM-10:00AM - Ball Room
Keynote: Steve Uzzell

12:25PM-1:25PM Lunch - Ball Room
Guest Speaker: Keyanna Conner, Secretary of Administration

  10:15AM-11:05AM 11:35AM-12:25PM 1:25PM-2:15PM 2:45PM-3:35PM
Level 1 Parlor East

Gregory Kidd, Assura, Inc

Real Life SIEM Implementation Experiences

Barbra Symonds, Grant Thornton

Expanding Security Knowledge in Privacy Management

Kurtis Minder, GroupSense

Proactive Security Continuous Monitoring: Moving Outside the Fortress Walls

Chiedo John, Chiedo Labs

Web Application Security For IT Managers

Level 1 Parlor West

Chris Schreiber, FireEye

Cyber Resilience: Maintaining stakeholder confidence and trust in a changing digital world

Mike D'Arezzo, SLAIT Consulting/ePlus Technology

Identity Access Management: How & Why we got here and What you need to Know

Beth Burgin Waller, Woods Rogers PLC

Third Party Service Contractors: Managing Security Risk From a Legal Perspective

Nilesh Trivedi, Virginia Department of Education

How to be safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data

Level 3 Parlor East

Doug Streit, Old Dominion University

Student Internships as a Staffing Strategy

Lorne Joseph, NMTC - National Minority Technology Council

Creating Tech-Based Economic Development Ecosystems with the vision, guidance and power of Industry!

Barry Davis, VDSS

The Art of the Exception

Chris Ballister, Grant Thornton

Predictive Cybersecurity: Understanding the Foundation and Path to Effective Security Intelligence

Level 3 Parlor West

David Raymond, Ph.D., Virginia Cyber Range / Virginia Tech

The Virginia Cyber Range: Transforming Cybersecurity Education in the Commonwealth

Ivan Gil, ePlus Technology

Privacy and what you can do to put the Genie back in the bottle

Glenn Keaveny, Grant Thornton

Cyber Analytics: Transforming Risk Assessments into Action

Lauren Burnell, FireEye

The Cloud is More Secure, So Why is it Still Getting Hacked?

Blue Room

Kathy Bortle, VITA

Incident Response in a Managed Security Services (outsourced) Environment

Joy Young and Ed Miller, VITA

Agency Data Points

Mike Watson and Staff, VITA

New ISO Meet and Greet

John Craft, VITA

Identity and Access Management

Friday, April 12 - Day Two (Subject to change)

9:00AM-10:00AM - Ball Room
Keynote: Jake Kouns, CISO for Risk Based Security

12:05PM-1:30PM Lunch - Ball Room
Lunch Keynote: Ms. Renee Wynn, NASA Chief Information Officer

  10:15AM-11:05AM 11:15AM-12:05PM 1:45PM-2:35PM
Level 1 Parlor East

Michael Sarkissian

How Metadata Management Aids Data Security

Andy Hallberg, Department of Taxation

How Much Risk Could a Risk Assessor Assess, If a Risk Assessor Could Assess Risk?

Scott Hammer, Impact Makers

Building Engagement through Role-based Information Security Training

Level 1 Parlor West

Eddie McAndrew and Barry Davis, AIS Network & VDSS

DevSecOps - An Implementation Strategy and the Cultural Implications

Dan Han & Craig Kilgo, VCU

Build it secure: Continuous Improvement in Secure System Provisioning

Eric Taylor, Atos

Catching bad guys with Math - A look at machine-learning (AI) and big-data in cybersecurity

Level 3 Parlor East

Allen Jenkins, SyCom Technologies

Defense In Depth with Microsoft Technologies

Beau Hurley, DMV

3rd Party Risk Management

Chad Owen, Library of Virginia

Records Management & Compliance in the Digital Commonwealth

Level 3 Parlor West

David Brown, DBHDS

Ghost That TwoogleFace - 10 Reasons to Close Your Social Media Accounts

Chris Wysopal, Veracode

CISO overview: open source risk and reward

Darren Manners, SyCom Technologies

Anatomy of an attack - Automating the Red Team

Blue Room

Bob Auton, VITA

Information Security Officer (ISO) Appointment Overview

Demetrias Rodgers, VITA

Cloud Services

Senior Special Agent (SSA) Richard K. Moore, United States Secret Service Richmond Field Office

COV Agency Head Training