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VITA Organization Units

Administration & Finance
Executive Director – Dana Smith

Administration and finance (A&F) is focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and operational excellence for VITA

Works with agency leadership to develop long-range plans and strategy, ensures that necessary financial, human resources and other assets are available, develops the success criteria, tracks and reports on performance, and supports continuous operational improvement

A&F responsibilities include:

  • VITA's planning and budget processes
  • Financial management
  • Internal and external communications
  • Agency talent strategy and pipeline
  • Quality and performance measurement
  • Knowledge, content and change management
  • Asset management
  • Agency-wide change and process improvement efforts
  • Development and application of consistent processes, VITA standards and principles

A&F tracks and measures performance improvement and provides feedback to the agency

Internal Technology & Portfolio Management
Executive Director – Dana Smith, Acting     

Internal technology and portfolio management (ITPM) provides technology solutions to improve internal VITA business processes

Activities are performed in support of VITA as a customer; includes both day-to-day operations to meet internal and external service demands and the strategic planning and portfolio management efforts

ITPM responsibilities include:

  • Delivering VITA IT services contained in the service portfolio on time, within budget and meeting the strategic and business requirements of VITA as the customer
  • Defining and implementing a technology plan to support VITA's near-term and long-term strategy and goals
  • Managing the VITA portfolio of investment in IT including management and coordination of human resource needs for VITA projects
  • Ensuring compliance with enterprise-wide project management practices, standards, processes and metrics, as well as defining and developing agency-wide processes and metrics

Legal  & Legislative Services
Executive Director – Eric Link

Legal and legislative services (LLS) develops and recommends implementation of major policy, programmatic, budgetary, regulatory, planning, procurement, measurement and fiscal initiatives with statewide impact

LLS responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing VITA's interaction with the General Assembly and related legislative stakeholders
  • Providing guidance to the CIO, executive management and leadership teams, and the Office of the Secretary of Technology on contracts, intellectual property, contracting and procurement issues
  • Managing the comprehensive review and analysis of VITA's business issues
  • Serving as VITA's liaison to the Office of the Attorney General
  • Overseeing VITA's compliance program

Platform Relationship Office
Executive Director – Chad Wirz

The platform relationship office (PRO) is an internal VITA team dedicated to overseeing the new IT infrastructure environment and managing the relationship between customers and service providers in the new multi-supplier service delivery platform. Some of these functions will be added over time.

  • Oversees service delivery
  • Aligns services with evolving customer needs and market offerings
  • Manages contractual and financial relationships with platform service providers
  • Manages customer relationships
  • Engages the marketplace for new services

Relationship Management and Governance
Executive Director – Judy Marchand-Hampton

Relationship Management and Governance (RMG) -- VITA's face to the customer

  • Ensures that customers have an advisor, partner, representative and advocate that understands their needs
  • Provides a unified, comprehensive view on a customer's interactions with VITA
  • The RMG-customer relationship is primarily measured by customer satisfaction

RMG's role includes:

Advising customers on using technology to improve the business of government

  • Getting better value from technology
  • Using VITA and market services to best meet business needs
  • Meeting legislative obligations on technology investment and project governance
  • Coordinating Commonwealth strategic planning

RMG works closely with service management and delivery to develop and deliver an optimized service portfolio to customer

RMG function provides high-touch and high-value advice and guidance to customers as they strive to be more efficient and effective in their use of technology

Customer Account Managers (CAMs) are the primary contacts for each customer. Together with providing expertise on technical services and responding to requests for service support and billing questions, CAMs focus on ensuring that VITA and its service partners understand and meet customers' expectations and needs.

Service Management & Delivery
Director – Steve Radabaugh

Service delivery and management (SMD) drives efficiency in VITA by continuously pursuing opportunities to deliver services better, faster and with a service and process improvement mindset

SMD is measured by its ability to deliver service outcomes that meet or exceed agreed upon performance obligations

Partners with RMG to identify and prioritize customer requests and opportunities for utilizing IT to achieve the goals of the commonwealth

While customers subscribe to services via RMG function, SMD is responsible for:

  • The processes that fulfill and enable those services
  • The lifecycle and ongoing viability of all VITA services
  • The vendor performance to optimize service delivery

Includes optimizing the blend of internal and external service delivery resources and using vendor management best practices to maximize value to the commonwealth

Executive Director – Mike Watson

Security ensures the protection of VITA and the commonwealth's mission-critical IT systems, resources and information assets from loss, damage and misuse

Responsible for establishing and maintaining a commonwealth information security management program that adheres to acceptable levels of risk to adequately protect information assets

Responsible for identifying, evaluating and reporting on information security risks in a manner that meets compliance and regulatory requirements, and aligns with and supports the risk posture of the commonwealth

Proactively works with customers to implement practices that meet defined policies and standards for information security and oversee a variety of IT-related risk management activities


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